UK Hallmark – 700 years of heritage

In the UK, anyone offering items for sale described as “gold”, “platinum” or “white gold” can only do so if the item is stamped with recognised hallmarks. The regulation started 700 years ago, and since then the leopard head mark has been in use by the London assay office. Learn more.

Sizing your finger

Size your finger by using our printable ring sizer here. We will send you an actual solid ring to further re-confirm your size right after you placed your order.

Choosing the Right Metal

Learn about the difference between white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum.  Make an educated choice.

Diamond Rings & Jewellery Care

Your engagement ring is likely to be subjected to a host of potentially damaging chemicals and situations over the years, however, there are a few things you can do to minimise the risk of it becoming dull and worn with age. Follow our helpful guide here.